It’s Time to Celebrate your New Faith in Jesus Christ!

We celebrate baptism at Charleston Church as it is written in the Bible – by full immersion under water. In the Book of Romans, it says that when we go under the water, we identify with Christ who went into the grave, and when we come out of the water, we identify with His resurrection. Baptism symbolizes what has already happened to us spiritually. Our old identity as a sinner is washed away, and we rise afresh and anew, finding our new identity in Christ Jesus. It is an outward expression of an inward change.

1. Should I be baptized?

If you believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then YES! It is your first step of obedience to God. You should be baptized as a public proclamation of putting your faith in Christ after accepting Him as your Lord and Savior.


2. I have already been baptized. Do I need to be baptized again?

If you were baptized after accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior on your own, you should be baptized. If you were baptized earlier in life when you did not understand the meaning, it is a good idea to be baptized again as a symbol of your decision and not the decision of your parents when you were young. You may also want to be baptized if you feel like after coming to Christ you departed from Him, but now have made a new commitment to follow Him. Baptism is a public proclamation of our decision to follow Christ, and there is nothing wrong with making a statement marking a renewal of your relationship with Him.


3. Can I have my baby baptized?

Every occurrence of baptism in the Bible took place after a person heard the Good News and believed. At Charleston Church we celebrate baptism the same way. We baptize anyone who has received the Word and made a personal decision to put his or her faith in Jesus. Parents, we encourage you to have your baby dedicated. For more information on baby dedication, please call 207.285.3504.


4. Do I have to be fully immersed in water?

We strongly encourage baptism by full immersion because Jesus was baptized that way, in addition to every other person in the Bible. However, we understand that sometimes there are circumstances where full immersion is not possible. To discuss your extenuating situation, please call the church office 207.285.3504.


5. Can I be baptized with my family?

Yes! If each person understands fully the meaning of baptism and has personally placed his/her trust in Christ for salvation, we encourage families to be baptized at the same time. It is a wonderful expression of commitment.

However, it is important to remember that baptism is a personal statement of faith, not a family or group tradition. It is usually not wise to delay your baptism while waiting on others to join you. This puts undue pressure on them and delays your obedience.