A ministry available to transport youth to and from youth services on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.… Read More

Every Christian is called to show compassion and care.  Living out what Jesus taught, the Aubrey Ministry spreads sunshine into many lives.  This cheerful, Christ-centered ministry ensures regular personal visitations and phone calls for the elderly, grieving, shut-ins, and the sick.  During these contacts, fellow believers are encouraged through personal prayers of comfort and support,… Read More

Bible Quiz is a motivating way for students in elementary through high school grades to more thoroughly learn and understand the Scriptures. Members can compete with other teams around the state, and teams and individuals are recognized for their accomplishments. Children and teens learn questions and answers that span the entire Bible and are motivated… Read More

When maintenance, repair, or building construction needs arise, the Build Team is willing to put their varied skills into action. Members of this team volunteer their time and talents to improve aesthetics and structural integrity of the building.  From carpentry to electrical work to painting, the Build Team allows the church to minimize expenditures resulting… Read More

Our Homemade Ministries are a venue for blessing families or individuals who are experiencing a challenging time of illness or transition, such as having a new baby, mourning from a death in the family, or recovering from surgery.  Our volunteers are willing to prepare and deliver a complete homemade meal to the recipient’s home.  The… Read More

The tiers of our Hospitality Ministry ensure that everyone who enters the doors of our church is warmly welcomed.  Each week, they are the first to demonstrate to our regular members and our visitors the notion of what it means to be a “Safe Place.”  The Hospitality Ministry is divided into teams with a rotating… Read More

One of the many ways volunteers bless our church by working behind the scenes is through the Housekeeping Ministry.  Each week, they keep our facilities sanitary, aesthetically-pleasant, and ready for the many other ministries that rely on cleanliness and order.  They faithfully complete the major cleaning jobs for the church, but everyone can play a… Read More

For the Kings Riders, revving up their motorcycles means more than just a day on the open road. They believe they can represent the love of Christ while befriending others in our communities, regardless of their church-attending status. Anyone is welcome to join them in their journey – there is no fee, official membership requirements,… Read More

All great cooks understand that the most important ingredient in any recipe is love for those being served.  The Kitchen Krew blesses us with their cooking talents at large and small gatherings by organizing, preparing, and serving food.  They are also responsible for setting up any necessary dining areas or buffet tables.  The Kitchen Krew… Read More

Behind-the-scenes individuals who are involved in the Sound and Media Ministry assist the church in using and maintaining audio and video equipment, including the sound system, PowerPoint, digital camera, and camcorders that are in use during church services. They are highly skilled in applying these technologies in a seamless and professional manner to meet the… Read More