We understand what God has done in and through our church is not normal. The only explanation is God’s hand of favor and mercy over a group of people willing to follow Him faithfully. To help maintain our unity, tone, and trajectory, we developed 10 core values as a church that make us unique. We call it The Code.

Honor – Our Foundation

We freely give honor to those above us, beside us and under us because of the calling and potential God has placed inside of them. We are blessed to be a
multi-generational church and every generation is to be highly honored.

Love – Our Language

Our culture is to speak words that build, not tear down. We believe in an enduring love that calls the best in those around us. We are called to share the
love of Jesus with everyone we meet.

Worship – Our Expression

Our culture is that worship should be uplifting and powerful. It is our expression of love and gratitude to the goodness of God. What we are experiencing is
not normal so we will not take this for granted.

Prayer – Our Strength

Our culture is to have fervent, effective prayer. Through prayer we partner with God to see His kingdom established in the earth. By prayer we will win our
communities to Christ, experience healing, deliverance and prosperity.

Faith – Our Currency

Our culture is to walk by faith, rather than what we see, believing that God will fulfill His Word. In order to reach Maine with the gospel of Jesus, we
can’t think small. We will set big goals, take bold steps of faith and watch God move in our church and state.

Unity – Our Choice

Our culture is to have a spirit of unity. We choose to not allow our differences to hinder what we accomplish together. We will aggressively preserve our unity.
Not yet saved people will know we are followers of Christ by our unity.

Involvement – Our Participation

Our culture is one of 100% participation. Every member has an important role to play. The deepness of our commitment determines the completeness of our
fulfillment. Together our efforts are multiplied for our church and community.

Excellence – Our Way

Our culture is to bring glory to God in all that we do – our work, our praise, and our relationships. When we give our best God is glorified. Everything that
we put our hands to do is done according to our highest standard. To maintain excellence we will always maintain a posture of learning.

Blessings – Our Lifestyle

Our culture is to pursue the blessing of God for the whole person – spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally, and financially. God’s blessing produces
a healthy, happy, and holy lifestyle. We are called to increase with integrity. We are blessed to be a blessing to our state.

Leadership – Our Influence

Our culture is to be a people of influence in every sphere that our lives touch. Our neighborhood starts in greater Charleston and stretches across the world.
Our hope is to bring Heaven to Earth with the same compassion Christ shows us. Leadership is generosity with our time, talents, and treasure.